Quentin and Double H Farm have a commitment to the brands they represent. With in-kind sponsorships, items used on the top horses at Double H Farm give exposure to those products at some of the best horse shows in North America.

Double H Farm works with Jennifer Wood Media, Inc. for their marketing and public relations needs, and Lisa Engel handles their sponsor relationships. Their services are available to provide press releases on Quentin’s sponsors, photographs of Quentin and the horses with sponsor products, as well as video coverage of the products in action. Quentin and the horses are also available for testimonials that can be used on sponsor websites and social media.

We are proud to be connected with the following companies:

Beck+Heun Jumping Equipment and More specialises in the fabrication of jumps for professional equestrian sports. Our range includes solutions for every requirement – from advertising jumps and individual training jumps to splendid complete show-jumping courses. Our collection of demand-oriented jumps is complemented by an equally varied range of accessories, such as support systems, safety supports and tournament equipment. Beck+Heun’s product innovations are always based on the same values: top quality in the choice of materials and unconditional safety for horses and riders.

Cytowave LLC, is a biotech company which offers a new approach in helping to treat the injuries and greatly accelerate healing in race and performance horses. This is achieved by combining three state-of-the art discoveries in physics, biophysics and electronics: SQUID-based (Superconductive Quantum Interference Device) signal development, high precision ultrasound and 3-D reconstruction of the target tissues before and after the treatment.

EquiFit, inc. has been helping top equine athletes train, compete and succeed for over a decade. Taking cues from the healthcare and sports industries, EquiFit delivers innovative products to help horses excel both in and out of the ring. All EquiFit products are imagined and designed by experienced equestrians. Pairing horse-world expertise with cutting-edge technology and premium materials, EquiFit offers invaluable products for athletes at all levels.

Equipe horse riding saddles are the result of the dedication of expert hands that skillfully craft selected raw materials, attaining qualitative excellence. Each individual stage of processing, entrusted to a single person, promotes the specialization of qualified personnel for each specific task, ensuring expertise and professionalism at each step of production and finished product perfection. Only prime choice natural calfskin, drum-tanned in pure aniline, and vegetable-tanned premium leather are selected for the manufacture of Equipe saddles and accessories.For more information on Selleria Equipe.

OnTyte is an innovative and unique patented system of magnetic attraction between your stirrups and riding boots, giving you stability and control. Be more confident knowing that your stirrups are in place where you want them while you focus on performance and winning. Your horse will feel the difference, and so will you.

The desire to build on one’s own competence and a know-how passed down from generations, to form a team where each member comes with specialized skills in design, fashion, production, marketing and communications, with the goal of becoming the number one supplier of handcrafted, highly technical products for a sport that has significantly evolved over time. Presented internationally, the first collection, incorporating a tested and innovative Perfect Fit System and numerous Personalized options, has gained recognition for innovation in the design of equestrian riding boots.

UltrOZ™ Elite is a wearable ultrasonic therapy system for the treatment of common musculoskeletal conditions in horses. UltrOZ has been used successfully to treat Splints, Suspensory Ligaments & Tendons, Muscle strains, Stiff joints, Arthritis, and Bone fractures.

Vitafloor is a fully automated vibrating floor system that is easy to use and above all, safe for the horses to use. The significant role of this vibrating stall is to offer both physical training and massage to the animal thereby stimulating blood circulation and muscle activation. In fact, Vitafloor® is the first ever whole body vibration platform that was created exclusively for horses.